3455 West King Edward Avenue
Vancouver B.C., V6S 0C7, Canada
Miranda's Reggio Emilia inspired program at Curiosity Corner is a sweet oasis for children! Miranda has a true passion for early childhood education, and especially for the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. Our son attended this Reggio program, and he flourished in so many aspects of his development. We noticed how creative he has grown, how independent he has become with Miranda's calm guidance and experience, and how sociable he has developed with his peers, still continuing with these childhood connections. Miranda even travelled to Italy and returned with Reggio Emilia insight that she has applied to her school, you can feel the profound passion for Reggio inspired discovery and exploration the minute you walk into the classroom...our son absolutely loved his time at Curiosity Corner--Thank you Miranda for instilling a love for learning in Kingsley!"
"Our boy is very lucky to have joined Curiosity Corner. Miranda is amazing! The activities are child-driven which really motivates our son to be engaged and learn and be curious and creative. The activities, be it at school time or special event or field trips, are not only fun, but well organized and also thoughtful. Not only did he learn a lot, I as a parent learned quite a few things from this school year too."
"Our son has been coming home with numerous topics on projects that he's been busy working with his friends in Curiosity Corner classroom. In the beginning we didn't really pay attention to what he was talking about. Then from time to time, we started noticing that his questions started showing his development in deeper thinking process over some of the topics that he was playing with his friends at school. "What happens if (we made) planet explode in the galaxy one day?" "What happens if chrysalises fall into the water? Can they swim? Can they still fly out as a butterfly?" "How many hours will we need to fly our rocket to Jupiter?" Miranda's enriched environment in the classroom enormously promoted the children's imagination. Students were collaborating in group team work on topics they picked and their brains just kept going even after they went home. This is called love of learning! And that's the most precious thing that we could hope to see from the little preschoolers"

From the moment we met Miranda, we could tell that she was passionate about teaching and learning. Her desire to encourage curiosity and instill a love of learning is evident in both her classroom environment and her thoughtful approach to teaching.

Miranda's kindness and patience helps her to quickly develop rapport with children. She is organized, creative and knowledgeable, and welcomes questions and feedback from parents.

Our daughter has thrived under Miranda's guidance at Curiosity Corner. She looks forward to the classroom's interesting toys and activities and creative art projects and mediums. She returns home full of ideas and observations from group discussions where the children explore and investigate topics.

As parents, we are very happy with our daughter's preschool experience and feel fortunate to have such a wonderful school in our community.

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